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This time were taking a closer look in cushioning. If you wanted to select the star, the MVP of a great running shoe, it’d need to be the cushioning technology in the midsole. Thats why athletic shoe go for the a lot of money. The midsole is that foam material that offers the essential cushion for the runner between your legs and the road. Midsole Protection and own rebound – The midsole offers cushioning and rebound. Finally and more importantly it offers effect absorption for the effect force of 2.5 to 3 times your bodyweight at every foot strike. Protects the foot from feeling sharp or hard objects – Provides equilibrium against overpronation with double densities and contoured foot bed.

Provides rebound possessions for remove – Provides cushioning for the effect forces of 2.5 to 3 times per week at heel strike. The midsole technology alone should not be the sole criteria when deciding which shoes work for you. The number of miles you can run in a shoe depends upon by your pattern of wear, foot strike, weight and personal taste. For most runners its only as often that you just change a pair of shoes since the sole is worn, or the sneakers are too stinky, than it is the midsole has failed. More than you ever wished to know about midsoles.

Theres EVA – Theres that PU material – Billions and trillions of athletic shoe are made with the two these foams, Okay, so I exaggerate, but not by far you get the picture. Most athletic shoe use both of these foam like materials in some form of the midsole. Each substance has its own negative and positive attributes. EVA is the darling of athletic shoe. – It’s light, it’s flexible – and it’s got a great disposition as a cushioning material. But like any great thing, it just does not last forever. With time and repeated impacts EVA tends to compress and lose some of its own rebound or resilience.

Runners notice this and say their sneakers feel flat. The technical term will be the foam has taken a compression set. The EVA nerd version: EVA is a copolymer or a cross-linked foam created of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Whenever you land on EVA foam you compress the EVA and the gas gets pushed out and after that sucked back in again. With time these cells do not rebound as well and do not take as much air back in. Now un cross an eyes and read on. EVA on steroids – To compensate t his problem, a great majority of good athletic shoe use a compression molded EVA midsole. By compressing EVA in a pressurized mold the midsole forms a thick skin that helps the EVA last longer.

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