Research Methods and Methodologies in Education. London, Sage

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If your interest in primarily in educational research, we recommend the following textbook:

Arthur, J., Waring, M., Coe, R. and Hedges, L. (eds) (2012). Research Methods and Methodologies in Education. London, Sage.

There are two main reasons this book has been chosen. First, it is structured in a helpful way, divided into three ‘dimensions’: research designs, data collection tools, and analysis. This is really useful for getting a handle on the stages in which particular approaches or ideas are appropriate.

Second, it introduces a very wide range of approaches. By necessity, this means it cannot go very deeply into any one approach. However, it does give you signposts for the sorts of questions and projects that can be tackled using each, and suggestions about further reading. It addresses several aspects of online research. Importantly, each chapter is written by a researcher experienced with the approach they are writing about. This means you get ‘first hand’ accounts from researchers who have ‘been there and done that’.

For clarification, we are not requiring you to buy this book, or suggesting that it is necessary to complete this course. However, if you are primarily interested in educational research and want to take research methods seriously, using this book will serve as a good accompaniment to the next few weeks, and allow you to develop your understanding of different approaches.

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